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In the news today

More and more details emerge about a 24-year old Algerian, who was arrested on Sunday, as he had intended to carry out attacks on one or two churches in Villejuif, a suburb South of Paris.

The electronics student reportedly tried to steal a young fitness trainer’s car before getting down to action. But he accidently shot himself and had to call for an ambulance.  That’s when the police became aware of his plans.

France’s Interior Minister Manuel Valls has said the government prevented at least five terror attacks in the past months.  He said yesterday that France would do everything to protect its places of worship.  But how realistic is this?  There are about 45,000 places of worship in the country.  And French media are full of reports of policemen and the military who are getting tired after months of beefed up operations since the Charlie Hebdo attacks…


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Rachida Dati’s (verbal) slip…

…is one of my favourite French headlines today. After all, it is easy to mix up “fel-” with “infl-“ — even if the result is oral sex… Continue Reading

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Die Regionalwahlen…

…sind in aller Zeitungen im kleinen Frankreich. Der erste Wahlgang fand nämlich am gestrigen Sonntag statt. Dessen Ergebnisse kurz gefasst: der rechtsradikale Front National (FN) gewinnt kräftig hinzu, die Sozialisten lassen die Regierungspartei UMP hinter sich und mit 53,6 Prozent der Wahlberechtigten sprengen die Nichtwähler alle Enthaltungsrekorde bisheriger Regionalwahlen.

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Le commentaire…

…fait par la ministre française de l’Economie, Christine Lagarde, aujourd’hui dans un entretien avec le quotidien économique Financial Times. “Il va à l’encontre des principes de la concurrence d’encourager l’économie exportatrice [allemande] de produire des biens non compétitifs”, a souligné la chancelière allemande, Angela Merkel.

Aujourd’hui dans la revue de la presse: spéciale sur cette polémique .

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